9 Best Proven Benefits of Coffee


Benefits of Coffee…Many questions in mind about whether to drink coffee or not but did you know that over 450 billion cups of coffee are consumed every year all over the world. Coffee is also called liquid gold and is the second most traded commodity in the world after oil. Why coffee is not bad for you and the 9 scientific benefits of coffee to having a daily cup of joy. 

Several strong reasons why you should drink black coffee every day and if by chance, you haven’t started drinking, we will suggest you do today. Yes, this is a reason, why countless professionals love black coffee. It makes them smarter than usual.

Some short FAQ s about the best time to drink and 9 best-proven benefits of coffee and how much per day is okay and how much is too much?

9 best proven benefits of coffee
9 best-proven benefits of coffee

When you think it is bad to have a cup of coffee because many questions come in mind and point to a few things such as

  • Sleep Disorder
  • Dehydration and anxiety
  • Hypoadrenia

Sleep disorder is usually because of drinking coffee too early. But, it’s effect remains only for 10 hours after having a cup of coffee. 

Dehydration is control if you drink coffee before noon and that should be fine. Dehydration and anxiety both this problem are cured by drinking a lot of water which you should be done.

Hypoadrenia is not even a real medical condition. Anyone can cure this kind of problem. 

The proven benefits of coffee backed by scientific studies 

Burn Fat

Coffee can help you burn fat. Caffeine has been appeared to support digestion by up to 11 percent and significantly increment fat consuming potential. 

Other studies have even shown the benefit of coffee that the rate of fat being burned while drinking caffeine can improve by 10 percent in obese individuals and 29 percent in leaned individuals.

Helps You Exercise Better

Coffee helps you to do the exercise better. Scientifically proven that caffeine has been demonstrated as one of the best enhancements for improving activity yield. 

Moreover, drinking coffee causes adrenal fatigue and this can be prevented by an increase in exercise performance by around eleven to twelve percent.

Benefit for Heart

Another benefit of coffee is related to your heart. Drinking up to two coffee cups per day can reduce the risk of heart failure by up to eleven percent.

Make You Smarter

Coffee can make you smarter. It increases the firing of neurons in the brain and has been appeared to improve different brain functions including mood, energy levels, response time memory, and general psychological capacity. 


Coffee contains an incredible amount of antioxidants. These antioxidants help to fight free radicals in the body. Scientists have identified approximately a thousand of different antioxidants found in the coffee bean alone.

Lower Risk of Cancer

Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing cancer. Most importantly, people who drink coffee regularly seen that they have a low chance of getting liver cancer by up to 50%. Further, a study has been done that people who consume coffee had a lower risk of rectal cancer by 20% as well.

Essential Nutrients

Coffee contains essential nutrientsThe body loves and needs one mug of coffee which contains supplements like riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, and others. 

While the volume of the nutrients it contains is not going to blow you away. For Instance, If you drink three cups per day like the average American adult you will be getting a steady source of vital nutrients that your body loves.

Fight Depression

Did you know the benefits of Coffee which also help to fight with depression? Most people are unaware of the fact that over five million people just in America alone suffer from some form of depression and it is growing every year. Furthermore, drinking coffee has been shown to lower the risk of developing depression by up to 20% for women. 

Likewise, It has been shown that the individuals who drink up to four cups for each day are 53 percent more strong and less likely to commit suicide than the individuals who don’t. 

Lower Risk of many diseases

Last but not the least, Coffee drinkers have a lower risk of developing a certain type of disease. Type two diabetes now affects over 300 million people worldwide and is becoming a global problem. However, heavy coffee drinkers have a 23 percent to 67 percent reduction in the risk of developing the disease. Also, drinking coffee results in a 32 percent to 60 percent reduction in risk for developing different types of diseases as well.

9 best proven benefits of coffee
coffee is good for your heart, brain and your body- 9 best-proven benefits of coffee

Most importantly, these overall studies prove that the benefits of coffee are good for your heart, brain, and your body. 

The best suitable time to drink coffee in a day is around 1 hour after waking up in the morning or 30 minutes before your exercise. Use a drip coffeemaker if possible. Avoid other popular or well equipped vending machines utilize plastic cups that are unrecyclable and are harming our planet. 

How much per day is okay

A short rule of thumb is 

  • 2 cups a day is fine
  • 3 cups a day is good 
  • 4 cups a day is maximum 
9 best proven benefits of coffee
2 cups in a day- 9 best-proven benefits of coffee

Finally, it is better to have a cup of black coffee rather than sitting in coffee shops that offer high-calorie coffee and its milkshakes.  Moreover, when you choose to drink it black which takes some time to get used to and give you more energy and feel you more relaxation. It is only just like an acquired taste to the wine.

A cup of goodness

No news that coffee is one of the best-tasting beverages around. But did you know that Benefits of Coffee which also prevents heart diseases, cancer, and even premature aging? 

It is the presence of antioxidants in coffee that makes it such a nutritious and healthy drink.

What are Antioxidants?

Antioxidants are natural substances found in our bodies and food, which neutralize free radicals and protect body cells. Moreover, antioxidants are mainly found in plant foods- fruits and vegetables like whole grains, nuts, seeds, tea, coffee, and cocoa. To ensure a healthy life, we need to have antioxidants constantly in our diet.

Coffee and Antioxidants

Benefits of Coffee…Coffee beans are one of the richest dietary sources of chlorogenic acid, a powerful antioxidant. Among the two most common varieties of coffee are-

  • Coffea Arabica 
  • Coffea Robusta

While Arabica provides more taste and flavor, Robusta has more body, caffeine, and chlorogenic acid.

Interestingly, the roasting of coffee beans dramatically increases their total antioxidant activity. Moreover, while roasting, Melanoidins are formed which are also known to have strong anti-oxidative effects. Studies have shown that coffee has significantly more total antioxidant activity than either cocoa, green tea, black tea, or herbal tea.

To Summarize

Above all Benefits of Coffee…A simple habit like drinking coffee every day can boost our antioxidant levels to counter the ill-effects of free radicals, increase our ability to fight off certain diseases, and even help delay the signs of aging. Coffee is incredibly good for your overall health. So now it’s time to start enjoying your favorite brew and it is nourishing goodness with excess milk and sugar. At last, stay healthy. 


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